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Treatment List

Aromatherapy TreatmentsAroma massage

A range of holistic body massage treatments, using essential oils blended in a carrier oil, having a range of therapeutic properties to help balance the body.  To ease areas of muscular tension and to promote relaxation and wellbeing.

  • Aromatherapy Massage / Body, face & scalp  (80 mins) £43.00 (Includes: optional facial cleansing & nourishing organic Wild Rose Beauty Balm & hot towel compress)
  • Body & scalp massage (70 mins) £35.00  (No facial massage)

Back Massage

  • Back, neck and shoulders (40 mins) £25.00 Using aromatherapy blended or base oils, combines holistic, aromatherapy and Swedish massage techniques as appropriate, to ease areas of muscular tension and aid relaxation.
  • Back, neck, shoulders and scalp (50 mins) £28.00 Using aromatherapy blended or base oils, combines holistic, aromatherapy and Swedish massage techniques as appropriate, to ease areas of muscular tension and aid relaxation.  Incorporates back, neck, shoulders, upper arms and scalp massage.
  • Aromatherapy back massage (30 mins) £23.00 Using essential oils blended in a carrier oil combined with holistic and Swedish massage techniques as appropriate, to ease stress and tension.


Indian Head MassageWellness - woman getting head massage in Spa

A holistic treatment incorporating the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face.  Using warmed Sesame oil or aromatherapy oils.  The treatment begins seated for the back, shoulders and head massage and ends with a scalp and face massage on a treatment couch.  A relaxing treatment, ideal for upper body tension and stress-related problems.  During all Indian Head Massage treatments the oils are massaged into the scalp and hair for nourishment (so be aware your hair will be oily at the end of the treatment).  A lotion can be used on the scalp, if preferred.

      • Indian Head Massage (55 mins) £28.00


ReflexologyFoot massage in the spa salon

Reflexology is a form of foot massage that activates ‘reflex’ points on the feet relating to all parts of the body.  By applying pressure to these reflex points during a treatment, energy flow is promoted through the corresponding body part encouraging the body to rebalance itself.  Reflexology also works on the thousands of nerve endings in the feet, creating a deeply relaxing treatment for body and mind.

      • Reflexology (55 mins) £27.00


Hot Stone TherapyiStock_000018468150Medium

Warmed basalt stones are used to massage the body, along with Swedish massage techniques.  The heat of the stones allows a deep relaxation of the muscles, combined with massage techniques, to ease stress and tension.

      • Hot Stone Back Treatment (45 mins) £28.00  Includes treatment to the back with heated stones and Swedish massage.
      • Hot Stone Back Treatment & Scalp, Neck  & Shoulders Massage (60 mins) £35.00 Includes hand and arm massage.



Facial Rejuvenation Massagebeautiful woman in spa salon having facial

Facial Rejuvenation (also known as Natural Lift Facial Massage or Natural Face Lift) is a blend of Indian face massage, acupressure and western massage techniques, that work naturally to improve the complexion, as well as achieve an overall feeling of wellbeing.

A full treatment lasts approximately one hour and includes massage to the face, head, neck, shoulders and arms.  Carried out on a treatment couch, it begins and ends with gentle leg stretches and an optional organic cleansing and nourishing wild rose facial balm and hot towel compress.

An organic facial oil is used for the facial massage, unless a plain carrier oil is preferred.

Habitual patterns of stress can be held as tension in the soft tissues of the face, neck, scalp and shoulders, impeding the flow of energy and blood to the area, which over time increases the potential for a dulling of the complexion, puffiness or fine lines to appear.  Acupressure and massage techniques can help release these muscular and emotional tensions, aiding energy flow through the meridians.  Proper flow of blood and energy is needed for the overall health and tone of the skin and underlying tissues, and can be experienced as a softer feel and brighter or glowing appearance to the skin.

In addition to helping improve the complexion, and release tension in the face, jaw, neck and shoulders, the treatment can produce a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing, and may help symptoms of stress, through activating the nervous system and energy pathways (meridians).  It is therefore a suitable treatment for men and women of all ages.


      • Facial Rejuvenation Massage (60 mins) £30.00   /   Full Treatment (as above), using organic facial oil or plain carrier oil.  Optional organic Wild Rose facial balm and hot towel compress.
      • Mini Facial Rejuvenation Massage (30 mins) £20.00

Young woman receiving facial treatmentFacial cleanse, facial mask & moisturise

  • Add to a Facial Rejuvenation Massage treatment (15 – 20 mins) £10.00

Includes organic deep facial cleanse, Wild Rose Beauty Balm and hot towel compress, facial mask and moisturise.




 Facial Treatments

A range of natural facial treatments using Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic skincareSuitable for all skin types. Neal’s Yard Remedies - Organic – Suitable for Vegetarians –  No Animal Testing – Ethical

Spa Resort

Organic Facials

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

Suitable for all skin types.

All facials include: deep cleanse and hot towel compress.

  • Express Facial (30 mins) £25.00 Deep cleanse & hot towel compress, beauty balm, massage, mask, moisturise.
  • Organic Facial (60 mins) £35.00 OR (75 mins) £40.00 Deep cleanse & hot towel compress, exfoliate, face, neck and shoulder massage, mask, eye care, moisturise, to cleanse, nourish & balance the skin.  Includes a soothing scalp or hand & arm massage.
  • Express Facial & Back Massage (60 mins) £35.00 A back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by an Express Facial treatment.


Combination TreatmentsWellness - woman getting body massage in Spa

  • Face & Scalp and Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (60 mins) £30.00
  • Face & Scalp Massage and Reflexology (75 mins) £35.00
  • Reflexology and Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (90 mins) £45.00
  • Facial Rejuvenation Massage & Back Massage (90 mins) £45.00